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Last updated 27th November 2020

COVID19 parish admin and governance advice

There are many implications for how we maintain and enable our institutional life to continue nationally, as a diocese and in parish. These notes are intended to offer guidance to help you be the ‘living stones ‘(1 Peter 2:5) to be the Church in our parishes.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) (27/11/2020)

The full advice on APCMs is in the FAQ section of the Church of England website under Finance and Governance which is here.

APCMs should have taken place by now so this advice reains her for information.

The advice states that the APCM will ideally happen as a physical meeting. It can take place virtually but you will need to ensure that anybody who wishes is able to attend. This is especially so for the Annual Meeting of Parishioners.

If meeting physically, the limit of 30 people does not apply to APCM’s, but if meeting in the church building you will need to stick to the limit that applies for acts of worship. Likewise if meeting in another space you should not exceed the riskassessed number for that building.

There are particular complexities about the Meeting of Parishioners which elects Churchwardens. This is technically a public meeting so you cannot prevent people who are resident in the Parish from coming. In practice, however, very few churches are likely to be in the position of having to do so.

If meeting physically, please make sure that it is done in a Covid-secure way. That means all the normal measures about sanitising hands, social distancing and face coverings should be observed. Chair briskly, keep the meeting as short as possible and discourage people from hanging around afterwards.

There are particular issues for those parts of the Diocese that are currently living with added restrictions. It would be wise for such parishes either to hold the APCM virtually or not go ahead at this stage.

Deanery synod representatives elected in 2017 will remain in office until 30 November 2020 (instead of 30 June 2020). This is to prevent the problems that would otherwise arise if dioceses had to ascertain the electorate for the House of Laity of the General Synod on the basis of parish elections taking place up to 31 May.

There has also been an enquiry about the revision of the electoral roll. New people may be added to the role in the normal way but it is anticipated that in line with the above it is expected that the roll will continue in existing form until an APCM can take place.

Church Management Systems (27/11/2020)

To help churches at this time, some church management systems have made their products free to use for the time being so now may be a time to look into these, even if you eventually decide to cancel at the end of the trial period.

  1. iKnowChurch is a church management tool that includes a giving element.  They also link with the Church of England’s Life Events Diary which you can see here  iKnowChurch has a free trial period on offer just now. 
  2. ChurchInsight is another Church Management Suite with a giving option which is available as a free trial currently. It enables you to take card payments by sharing a link and you reclaim the Gift Aid through the programme too.  It also enables emails and rotas etc.
  3. The other main church management system is ChurchSuite. There was a free trial earlier this year and they may do this again but not at as of this update. 

If you are only interested in online giving, Data Developments has an online giving service called MyDonate Online. There will be charges for transactions and you can use it to reclaim Gift Aid for people who donate through it and also for those that don’t. 

Stephanie Rankin, the Diocesan Stewardship Officer, has also provided an insight into how her parish has benefited from using a Church Management System

'Our church is on the edge of Preston with a membership or around 100 and average attendance of 70 to 80.  Our website had a church management system attached but, to be honest, nobody really knew what it did, so we didn’t use it.  In January 2017, whilst we were in vacancy, I started to explore it and gradually we have used more and more components to simplify our administration.

The first thing we used was the event calendar and rota reminder system,.  Anyone with a responsibility at a service receives a reminder by email a few days before the event which also prompts them to let a named person know if they find they can’t be there.  Now we don’t find ourselves wondering whether the person doing intersessions will turn up, nor do we have to ring people to remind them.  It also identifies rota clashes so people can’t end up in Junior Church and also running the sound desk.  A great facility is that it provides a calendar feed of my varied responsibilities directly to my personal calendar so I can see what I’m doing week by week without having to add all the events.

We then started to use the emailing function which means those with access to that part of the systems can email the whole church family or specific groups within the church from any computer connected to the internet.  No longer do we find that someone was missed off a distribution list and if necessary can also check whether people have opened important emails.  Without this we might have found that all our emails distribution lists were stored on the church computer, locked in the church, but we can access from our homes without any problems and our administrator sends a weekly bulletin to the whole church.

The last area to be added was the giving module.  Last year we started to use it to claim our Gift Aid but had not set up online payments as almost all the giving is by standing order anyway so we were not concerned about normal church giving.  However, we are working with our community to provide help for vulnerable families so wanted to start a fund to collect for that and decided now was the time to add online giving to our site.  It took about a day to get the Stripe Account approved, using the new certificate that can be downloaded from A Church near You to prove our charitable status.  We’ve now also added giving to the church as well as to an appeal that would have been a fundraising event but of course can’t go ahead now.  One of our octogenarians messaged to say how easy it was to donate (she doesn’t do online banking).

So, I now can’t imagine trying to organise church in ‘normal times’ without a church management system and in times like these it is a key tool to maintain our communications and ministry.

You can see what the online giving looks like from this page here.  There are 3 funds, and each looks different.  The church giving enables one off and regular giving whilst COVID19 is only for one off donations.  Both enable people to Gift Aid.  The ‘Alice’ appeal replaces a fundraising event and has no Gift Aid option.

Furloughing of staff advice (27/11/2020)

The Diocesan HR Manager Andy Cooke ... ... has produced a couple of documents for PCCs who wish to consider furloughing staff.

PCC meetings (27/11/2020)

PCCs can meet physically outside lockdowns. However, if you can continue to meet virtually that clearly lessens the risk of the virus spreading and should for now remain the preferred option, especially in those areas of the Diocese where extra restrictions are in place.

So long as these meetings are recorded by minutes in the usual way or can be audio recorded for transcription this would be valid. However, it may well be that you should be considering how much work may be delegated to your PCC Standing Committee, who can have significant executive powers where necessary. 

If you do choose to meet physically, please ensure that all measures are in place, that people remain socially distanced, that you are in a large and well ventilated room and that face masks are worn. Please keep the meeting as short as reasonably possible.

There is some helpful information on how to run a PCC meeting via Zoom from CPAS; a patron for a number of our parishes here. 

Use of church halls by schools (27/11/2020)

Schools they may approach PCCs to utilise church halls as readily available additional space. Archdeacon David (Chair of the Board of Education) has produced some high level guidance for PCCs to consider here, should you be approached.


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