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Last updated 22nd April 2022

Leading Your Church in to Growth (LYCiG)

As part of Vision 2026 we encourage churches in the diocese to be involved with the Leading Your Church into Growth course. 

This highly popular course is specifically designed for clergy and lay leaders from across different traditions and denominations who are looking for help and encouragement in leading their churches into growth. 


Being witnesses as we move out of lockdown (June 2020)

The LYCIG Team have produced a very helpful 7 step guide here for churches considering how they can continue to be witnesses as we move out of lockdown into a 'new normal'.

The steps are:

  1. Develop your contacts list
  2. Build stepping stones for tose on your contact list
  3. Be visible and available when you re-open buildings
  4. Start planning for welcome parties
  5. Continue to stream some contact when you are back in buildings
  6. Open your church for private prayer
  7. Make one of your first Sundays where public worship is allowed in our church buildings an evangelistic service.

Residential Courses

Leading your Church into Growth courses take the form of an open seminar with interactive talks, practical exercises, workshops and time and space for personal reflection. 

The course sessions include:

  • Leadership and Vision
  • Our Focus - committing ourselves to growth
  • Our Plan - Developing a strategy for growth
  • Our Culture - Developing a community of invitation, welcome and hospitality
  • Managing Change and Mission Action Planning
  • Our Calling - Sharing our story and helping people meet Jesus
  • Our Journey - Growing deeper as disciples of Jesus
  • Our Heart - Developing worship that helps the Church to Grow
  • Vision, fixing priorities and reviewing progress

There is a range of workshops during the conference through which members of the team bring their personal experience and expertise of encouraging church growth in different contexts, churchmanship and settings. Some examples would be: Catholic evangelism, Multi parish benefices, rural and small churches, evangelism to specific people groups and Fresh Expressions.

LyCiG Local

LyCiG local is the ideal ‘next step’ for church leaders who want to get church growth principles and practice into the bloodstream of their own church communities. The resource is a perfect follow-on programme for those who have been on a LyCiG residential course. LyCiG local is designed for use in small groups and the DVD based interactive sessions will stimulate, teach, equip and motivate church members of all ages to play their part in leading their church into growth.

There are nine main sessions, three for leaders, six for church members. The whole course comes to a joyful completion with a celebration event. So, ten gatherings in all. 

LyCiG local aims to help churches

  •  Learn key biblical teachings on growth
  •  Discuss, question and apply these teachings to their own situations
  •  Become inspired and motivated
  •  Make decisions, implement plans and develop new ways of working
  •  Resolve to stick with these plans, reviewing and adapting them as they go along.