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Last updated 11th February 2021

Routes of Faith programme

Is Routes of Faith for me?

The Routes of Faith Programme is for anyone who is interested in learning more about their Christian faith.

Two of the key areas of Vision 2026 are Making Disciples and Being Witnesses. We believe that knowing the Scriptures, understanding what we believe, and thinking about how we show this in our daily lives are crucial to our journey of Christian Discipleship and our ability to be Witnesses to Jesus Christ.

We trust that the programme's modules will help you to: 

  • Know the Scriptures better 
  • Pray with greater depth and urgency 
  • Talk about your faith with more confidence 
  • Think about how we show God’s love  in action 
  • Reflect on how our churches fit in to today’s world 
  • Consider your own participation in the Church


The six modules

  • Following: Jesus through the New Testament
  • Responding: In the power of the Holy Spirit, spirituality, prayer and worship
  • Challenging: The world and ourselves, ethics and mission in the modern world
  • Remembering: The people of God and the Old Testament
  • Exploring: Our identity through the history of our church
  • Believing: The teachings of the church; questions of faith and doctrine

You can do just one module, all six, or any number of the modules. The modules are  independent, so you don’t have to do them in any particular order or in a single year. You can choose whether to complete assignments, and what sort of assignment to do – they aren’t all essays!  The Programme leaflet  has more information.

2021 Timetable

The planned module timetable for 2021 is below.  Please note that these may change depending on the ongoing pandemic regulations.  Though we hope to hold face to face meetings, these will be on Zoom if that is what the regulations at the time require.

All sessions will begin promptly at 7.00 pm and finish at 9.15 pm, with a drinks break partway through



Tutors Date Module Status

Following Jesus through the New Testament

Taking place 

via Zoom 


Matt Cook

Postponed, to be re-arranged

To be rescheduled

Responding in the power of the Holy Spirit: spirituality, prayer and worship

St Helen's Churchtown

Revd Elizabeth O'Connor


Postponed, to be rearranged

To be confirmed

Challenging the world and ourselves: ethics in the modern world

All Hallows Bispham

Revd Fiona Jenkins


7th June - 5th July 

To be confirmed

Remembering the people of God and the Old Testament

St Michael's Kirkham

Revds Andy Meeson & Jonny Lee


16th September - 14th October

To be confirmed

Exploring our identity through the history of our Church

St Leonard's Padiham

Revds Tom Woolford & Mike Print


22nd September - 10th November

To be confirmed

Believing the teachings of the Church: questions of faith and doctrine




To be confirmed

Comments from previous participants:

  • (Gave me) more confidence in sharing faith and answering questions
  • Discussions enjoyable and stimulating
  • It’s good to gather with other Christians and hammer out the issues that face us today in the world and in our parishes.
  • I don’t think ever in my life have I learned so much in such a fun environment. I’d recommend it to anybody.
  • It showed me the whole sweep of the Christian story. I was amazed once again by the reality of the Resurrection.
  • The tutor brought things alive. It’s helped me to bring something more to people in my church.
  • The session on John’s gospel was just mind-blowing, because John’s gospel is such a love story. It was faith-enhancing. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

See interviews with previous Routes of Faith participants here  


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