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Last updated 18th May 2023

Thy Kingdom Come 2023: Information and links to resources

Introduction to Thy Kingdom Come 2023

Thy Kingdom Come is a global Prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray, from Ascension to Pentecost, for more people to come to know Jesus. 

What started in 2016 as an invitation from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to the Church of England has grown into an international and ecumenical call to prayer.

During the 11 days of Thy Kingdom Come, it is hoped that everyone who takes part will:

This year, the organisers have introduced new daily themes for their resources. These themes focus on the character of God - 'Our Father in Heaven.' 

A new sub-theme 'Living the Kingdom'.is being introduced.  Participants are invited to go one step further and find ways to live the Kingdom.   

There is a call for Christians to gather together (in-person where possible) and collaborate ecumenically locally, regionally and nationally - being a truly united witness to the world. 

To find out more and for national resources including videos and much more click here.

Ideas for churches

The Thy Kingdom Come team has brought together 23 ideas to inspire active prayer.  These ideas can be found here.

  1. Continuous worship and prayer: create a dedicated space for continuous prayer
  2. 'Say One for Me.' create a banner inviting people to share prayer topics
  3. Pilgrimages: organise a prayer walk
  4. Children's trails: create prayer trails in community gardens or church spaces
  5. Prayer and Care: find ways to offer prayer and care eg cook a meal
  6. 'Bow Down' meet in a central place eg Market Square and pray for the town/city etc
  7. 'Pray on the Hills' climb a local hill and pray looking down on an area
  8. Beacon Events: work ecumenically to celebrate, worship and pray together
  9. Morning, Evening and Night Prayers: incorporate prayers into online prayer sessions
  10. Prayer Stations: create a prayer station using a large map of the local area
  11. Prayer Spaces: create a labyrinth in a prayer space or prayer tent
  12. Prayer Craft: find ways to share prayers using craft activities eg. prayer chains
  13. Spread Across the Region! Create prayer chains on local pathways
  14. Prayer Beads: create prayer beads representing the Lord's Prayer
  15. Upper Room: create in-person or digital 'upper room' prayer spaces
  16. Big Prayer Picnic: get together with food
  17. Daily Prayers Online Together: join in with the Ordinary Office project
  18. Prayer Walk/Praying for the Local Community: create a prayer walk map and share with others eg. Facebook
  19. Open Door: open your church doors for allotted times
  20. Postcard Prayer Project: connect with the communtiy by posting 'prayer postcards'
  21. Silent Prayer: develop the practice of silent prayer using inspiration from praying communities
  22. Communal Prayer Book: create a communal prayer book where people can write down their prayer requests
  23. 'Pray for Five' in creative ways

24 Hour Prayer for Health Care: Saturday, May 20, from 9am

In the lead up to  Pentecost the Hospital Chaplains across Lancs and South Cumbria and the Christian Medical Fellowship would like to invite you to pray in our hospital chapels for patients and staff in our healthcare system.
There are 800 prayer cards which have been printed to distribute to our hospital wards to ask for prayer requests.
Our own Bishop Jill and Dr Paul Wadeson explain how you can get involved on this video ... 

If you wish to get involved, please sign up for a  slot on this live spreadsheet.  Or email to book or send prayer requests

  • Morecambe Bay Chapels
  • Lancaster - RLI 24 hours
  • Kendal - WGH 24 hours
  • Preston - RPH - 24 hours
  • Barrow - FGH - see spreadsheet for times
  • Blackpool - see spreadsheet for times

Our own Diocesan resources for children and young people

For Thy Kingdom Come 2023, our Diocesan Board of Education is taking to social media to pray, writes Rebecca Whittaker. 

Thy Kingdom Come is the global prayer initiative that encourages Christians from around the world to join together in prayer. This year the Board of Education is focusing on prayer for youth work and young people in our Diocese.

Each day from Ascension (18th May) to Pentecost (28th May) the youth team will be on @YouthWorkStateofMind Instagram stories at 11 am to pray for youth leaders and their young people.

Focusing on a different theme each day, the 10 days of prayer aims to cover varying aspects of youth ministry including prayers for growth, vision and energy.

This short time of prayer is open to everyone so if you would like to join the youth team in praying, follow @YouthWorkStateofMind on Instagram and find them every day on their stories.

There is also an opportunity for our young people to get involved with this time of prayer. The @ThisisAbide Instagram account, which is for young people aged 11-17, will also be participating in this year’s Thy Kingdom Come.

Every day a member of the Abide team will be on Instagram stories exploring what it is to pray and will discuss questions like... 

  • How can I pray?
  • What should I pray about?
  • How can I build a solid prayer routine?

The Abide team will also be sharing social media videos from Thy Kingdom Come featuring people like Ellie Limebear, Guvna B and Jamie Jones-Buchanan discussing their experiences of prayer as well as some videos from the Christian organisation, The Way.

The aim is to encourage young people to pray and feel more confident in their prayer lives. Young people wanting to join Abide for Thy Kingdom Come just need to follow @ThisisAbide on Instagram.

Scan the QR Codes at right to follow the @YouthWorkStateofMind and @ThisisAbide Instagram accounts ...