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Last updated 5th June 2018

Vision Course materials

This Vision 2026 Study Course contains five sessions each focussing on a different aspect of our Diocesan vision

  • Session 1 - Healthy Churches
  • Session 2 - Transforming Communities
  • Session 3 - Making disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Session 4 - Being witnesses to Jesus Christ
  • Session 5 - Growing leaders for Jesus Christ

The course has been produced to assist local churches in applying Vision 2026 to their local context. I am sure you will find the course enjoyable, thought provoking and encouraging. It is designed to be biblical, prayerful and will work across a wide spread of church traditions. I very much hope that through this course each church will be able to discover a local response to the vision. Through a process of discussion and discernment I pray that you will be able to identify practical steps that you are able to take to help create ‘Healthy Churches Transforming Communities.’

Some parishes used the course in 2016. I would encourage those parishes to consider re-running the course again in 2018 as the themes of Vision 2026 do not date (although the same cannot be said about those who appear in the videos).

Every Blessing,

Rt. Revd. Julian Henderson, Bishop of Blackburn

On this page you will find links to the following materials:

  • videos
  • for course leaders
  • for course participants
  • the youth companion version

Materials - videos

The Vision 2026 Study Course films can be downloaded from Youtube. Alternatively, if you would like a DVD, please contact Siobhan.Trickett@Blackburn.Anglican.Org

part one

part two

part three

part four

part five

A transcript of all five films is available.


Materials for course leaders

Materials for course participants

Youth Companion material

The youth companion has been created to encourage churches to discuss the diocesan vision with young people aged 11-18yrs. It is not a separate course to the Diocesan Vision Course but instead is a collection of additional resources to help young people to engage with the course material. These materials may be used in sessions of existing youth groups or you may wish to form a group specifically to go through these sessions.

In the leaders’ notes for each session the Youth Companion is laid out in table format. The left hand column shows the original Vision Course and the right hand column shows the Youth Companion. It’s important when using the course material with young people that you think about the group, their knowledge, experience, faith development and preferred learning styles/approaches.

Vision 2026

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