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Last updated 14th February 2022

A short history and background of Vision 2026

Bishop Julian originally presented our vision for the future of the Diocese to the Bishop's Leadership Team, Bishop's Council and Diocesan Synod over a period of several months in late 2014 and early 2015. 

He spoke to DIocesan Synod about our vision on October 18, 2014, almost a year to the day since he first arrived in the Diocese as Bishop.

An initial summary document was handed out to all Synod representatives prior to a special 'Vision Synod Meeting' on February 7, 2015 and before ratification of the proposals at Synod in March 2015. 

A summary document was also made available on the Diocesan website alongside the longer vision document, and were promoted in the local media, and via direct emails to parishes.

Meanwhile, when we first launched our Vision 2026 strategy in 2016 we produced a video to explain our approach. That video is still available to watch on our Diocesan YouTube channel and features people from parishes at the time of recording from across our Diocese. 

The video was originally produced for and shown at a series of prayer evenings across the Diocese in autumn 2015 and was viewed by thousands of people at large events such as our Preston Guild Hall Vision evening in 2016.


Vision 2026 now drives everything we do across the Church of England in Lancashire. 

Meanwhile, in more recent times ...

  • We have also recently updated our Vision 2026 strategy ...visit this page to read more about the refreshed Vision Implementation Plan (2021 – 2024) which resulted from the Vision Update exercise, a draft of which was considered at all deanery synods in Autumn 2020 and feedback absorbed prior to it being finalised. 
  • Visit this page for more about Missional and Financial Flourishing conversations arising from the new Implementation Plan and to enable our Vision. 
  • And visit this page for a letter from the Bishop's Leadership Team about the process of 'Unlock' - unlocking from the pandemic and renewing our commitment to continued future growth - as well as an accompanying video. 




Ronnie Semley, last updated January 2022


Vision 2026

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