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Last updated 17th July 2017

Self-supporting ministry (SSM)

Most Self-Supporting Minister (SSMs) in this Diocese are parochially focused, supporting their parish priest as licensed 'honorary curate' or 'assistant priest'. 

SSMs who assist in a parish ought to have a Ministry Agreement with their Parish Priest; a checklist will be given to those serving their title by the Diocesan Director of Ordinands/Director of IME phase 2.

A model minstry agreement is available for more experienced SSMs.

CHRISM (Christians in Secular Ministry) is a national organisation “for all who see their secular employment as a primary field of Christian ministry”. Their website contains useful contacts and links, as well as information about their publications (the Journal ‘Ministers-at-Work’ and their Occasional Papers).


SSM Officer

The Revd Canon Dr Peter Shepherd

Peter is responsible for all aspects of self-supporting ordained ministry (now including Ordained Local Ministry) from developing diocesan strategy to the pastoral care of SSMs.

Homestead, Eastham Street, Clitheroe. BB7 2HY

Tel: 01200 425053


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