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Last updated 17th November 2021

New Healthy Church Assessment Tool

Jesus often used images from nature like trees and plants to describe the growth of the kingdom of God. Vision 2026 encourages us to use the image of a healthy tree to help us assess the health of our local church. To introduce this theme you may like to watch a 5-minute video by Archdeacon Mark which can be found at: . Alternatively you can read a longer introduction in the Vision Update document, pages 9-12, available here.

As we enter into the next phase of Vision 2026, the new Healthy Church Assessment Tool provides a framework for conversation to consider the health of different aspects of church. You can find it here and the introductory exercise here. 

In this season of Unlock, it may be helpful to use the Healthy Church Assessment Tool in tandem with the Vision 2026 Response / Recovery from COVID Framework.  


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