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Last updated 9th August 2017

Admission of Sidesmen/women

Sidesmen/women will be admitted to office in their own parish church on an appropriate Sunday, following the Archdeacons’ Visitation, arranged by the Incumbent and new Churchwardens. 

The process of public admission is intended to enhance and strengthen the office of sidesman/woman in the local church. It presents to the local congregation the responsibilities and significance of the sidesman/woman`s role in the support of their own Churchwardens and other leaders in the church, as well as the important task of welcoming regulars and strangers alike. 
During the same service It may also be an opportunity to affirm others in the life of the church who hold responsibility, PCC, Children`s workers, Vision Champion, Choir, musicians etc.

Words to admit sidesmen/women in a church service. 



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