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Last updated 15th July 2021

Regular Giving

Direct Debit Giving - The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS)

What is the Parish Giving Scheme?

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a 21st Century way of enablng individuals to set up regular giving without needing to use cash, visit a bank or use online banking. 

Direct debits are the way most people choose to pay for utilities, council tax, or to belong to the National Trust, and this method is now a convenient method of giving regularly to your local church.

  • Donations through this Scheme (which can be monthly, quarterly or annual) are made by Direct Debit on the first of the month,.
  • PGS claim any Gift Aid that is due
  • Your church recceives all donations by 10th of the month
  • The gift aid is paid to your church when received from HM Revenue and Customs, but usually by 25th of the month

Our pilot parishes have now joined and are receiving donations.  Other PCCs can now start the process so that they are ready for donors to sign up by 10th September with the first direct debits being taken on 1 October 2021.

You can find out more below or at Home - Parish Giving Scheme

How can I give through the Parish Giving Scheme?

Once a PCC has registered, donors have a choice of three different ways to sign up:

If PGS becomes the principal giving method for your church, you will be offering inflation-proofed giving, reducing your administration so that your church can focus on other important priorities.

How does our church join the Parish Giving scheme?

  1. Agree as a PCC that you wish to join.  You can download a leaflet here to help your PCC understand the scheme. or you can invite Stephanie Rankin to speak to them if that would help.  Email
  2. Once the PCC has agreed, email, to let me know that your PCC has agred and I can send you the paperwork to sign.
  3. Once you are registered, you can add a link to your website and A Church Near You page, provide leaflets to parishioners and will have a simple way of enouraging new members to give to their local church

Why would we join the Parish Giving Scheme?

This is another giving option for existing and potential donors, and nobody will have to join the scheme if it does not suit them.

Benefits include:

  • fewer cash donations, reducing risks for those volunteers who are involved in counting and banking money
  • donors have the option to increase their gift by inflation, maintaining the value of their gift and sustaining the church's mission and ministry.  This also acts as an important reminder to review giving annually and, when they receive the reminder, the donor can change their gift to an amount of their choosing.
  • donors can select one of three ways to set up their regular gift
    • Online
    • By telephone (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm on 0333 002 1271 quoting a code that is unique to your church or parish.  This will be provided once the PCC has joined.  
    • By paper form available from churches which have decided to join
  • Gift Aid (when due) is claimed by PGS and passed on to your church, reducing the administration in local churches whilst improving cash flow
  • PGS transfers the gift and the Gift Aid to your parish bank account on a monthly basis, improving cash flow and the security of gifted income
  • If your parish has more than one church, the PCC can choose whether PGS is set up to enable people give to individual churches or whether all donations are pooled.  This will depend on what you want to show in your PCC or DCC accounts, and Stephanie will check with you where this is relevant.

Standing Orders - Non PGS regular giving

Regular giving can also be set up by standing order, but any Gift Aid will need to be claimed within the parish, and donors will need to be encourgaged to review their giving annually.

Consider adding a standing order form to your website or A Church Near You page for people to download and complete.  There is a template you can use here which just needs the text in red replacing with the details for your church.  A Gift Aid form is also attached which people can choose to complete and return to you.  Where donors are unable to set these up online or visit their local bank branch they can post them to their own bank (address details for the branch or head office should be on bank statements or in cheque books).

Other information about stewardship and generosity can be found within our website using the links below


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