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Last updated 11th April 2024

Weekly Sermon


On this page you will find our 'Weekly Sermon' columns, written by a huge range of contributors, including the Bishops and Archdeacons, plus clergy and laity from across the Diocese.

Contributors submit their columns on a rota basis and write twice a year. 

We refresh the rota regularly. If you want to be considered as a future contributor, email and we will add you to the 'waiting list'. 

These columns are also free to be reproduced in local parish magazines or to be used as inpiration for other talks and sermons. Spread the word!

Date (Friday) Title


12 April 2024 Extraordinary news! Sarah Earnshaw
5 April 2024

Easter – God’s answer to disappointment

Rev Canon Mark Jones
29 March 2024

He is risen, we are saved. Hallelujah!

Mark Ashley
22 March 2024

Palm Sunday: Jesus Comes to Jerusalem as King

Joy Rushton
15 March 2024 How to really see Jesus Rev Calum Crombie
8 March 2024

May all who mother and parent know the blessing of God this Mothering Sunday

Rev Karen Herschell
1 March 2024

If you want to grow in your faith, try teaching it to a child

Bishop Philip
23 February 2024 Seeking to follow Jesus each day is a life saver Archdeacon David
16 February 2024 The Prime Goal! Rev Munawar Din
9 February 2024

The Transformative Power of Healing and Renewal

Iain Parks
2 February 2024

God's global community

Ronnie Semley
19 January 2024 Who are you really worshipping? Rev Anne Beverley
12 January 2024 Come and See Stephen Whittaker
5 January 2024

Myrrh for a Baby?

Rev Rebecca Feeney
29 December 2023 Let's see lives changed for the better in 2024 Geoff Hutchinson
22 December 2023

There is only one gift we REALLY need

Lisa Fenton
15 December 2023 Always give the credit to Jesus Archdeacon Mark
8 December 2023 Let me tell you about my friend, Bilal  Andy Pratt

1 December 2023

The keys to the flourishing of Lancashire Bishop Jill
24 November 2023 Be stirred up to help others this Christmas Rev Carole Gardner
17 November 2023 For to all those who have, more will be given Rev David Hargreaves
10 November 2023 Remembrance Sunday: In Jesus there is still hope Rev Sarah Gill
3 November 2023 Adopted for Life Rev Canon Andrew Raynes
27 October 2023

The Bible: A diverse book still speaking to us today

Rev Canon James Lawrence
20 October 2023 Jesus’ perfect response to a real conundrum Sarah Earnshaw
13 October 2023 How Long, O Lord? Rev Canon Mark Jones
6 October 2023 Standing in the Gap for us Ronnie Semley
29 September 2023 The Parable of the Two Sons Joy Rushton
22 September 2023

The labourers in the vineyard

Rev Calum Crombie
15 September 2023 Who are we to judge others? Rev Karen Herschell
8 September 2023

An opportunity for God’s grace to flow

Bishop Philip
1 September 2023

‘Let love be genuine, hate what is evil.’

Archdeacon David
25 August 2023 Kingdom for all Rev Munawar Din
18 August 2023 Be still and know that I am God Rev Carole Garner
11 August 2023 If you want to walk on water ... get out the boat!

The Dean Peter Howell-Jones

4 August 2023

Jesus will show you the way ahead

Ronnie Semley
28 July 2023 Growing into God's People Rev Anne Beverley
21 July 2023 Give yourself  a chance to grow in Jesus Stephen Whittaker
7 July 2023 Love and Life for Eternity Geoff Hutchinson
30 June 2023 God has a plan and a purpose for our lives Lisa Fenton
23 June 2023 Do you have a plan for your life? Archdeacon Mark
16 June 2023 Faith to Feed the Hungry Rev Canon Nick McKee
9 June 2023 After darkness, a day of joy and sunshine Bishop Jill
2 June 2023 Going Home Mark Ashley
26 May 2023 Sequels Rev David Hargreaves
19 May 2023 The Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ Rev Dr Sarah Gill
12 May 2023 Another Jesus Rev Canon Andrew Raynes
5 May 2023

Are the scriptures vital to your life?

Rev Canon James Lawrence
28 April 2023 More than a number ... Sarah Earnshaw
21 April 2023

The King we all need

Rev Canon Mark Jones
14 April 2023

Is AI a threat to mankind's inherent creativity?

Ronnie Semley
7 April 2023

Why Jesus willingly died on the cross

Joy Rushton
31 March 2023 A Royal Journey Rev Calum Crombie
24 March 2023

Meditate on the raising of Lazarus by Jesus

Rev Karen Herschell
10 March 2023 A vital witness for all of us Archdeacon David
3 March 2023 Fasting Rev Munawar Din
24 February 2023 Spring Cleaning Rev Carole Garner
17 February 2023 Sowing seeds will bear fruit ... in time Ronnie Semley
10 February 2023

Our lives and their importance to God

Rev Rebecca Feeney
27 January 2023 Faith in Action Geoff Hutchinson
20 January 2023 Keep Calm and Carry On Ronnie Semley
13 January 2023 'I saw the spirit come down from Heaven' Stephen Whittaker
6 January 2023 Baptism of the Lord Gloria Birdsall
30 December 2022 Epiphany Homily Rev Jon Price
23 December 2022 A very messy Christmas Revd Nick McKee
16 December 2022 A reimagining of life The Dean Peter Howell-Jones
9 December 2022 The Advent Hush Lisa Fenton
18 November 2022 The Feast of Christ the King Rev Sarah Gill
11 November 2022 A few moments to remember so much sacrifice Rev David Hargreaves
4 November 2022 A company of friends Bishop Jill Duff
28 October 2022 Infectious generosity Rev Canon Andrew Raynes
14 October 2022 Persistence in prayer Sarah Earnshaw
7 October 2022 Do not lose heart Mark Ashley
23 September 2022 Jarring contrasts Rev Calum Crombie
7 September 2022

I want you to be smart in the same way – but for what is right

Rev Karen Herschell
2 September 2022 Through all changing scenes of life Ven Peter Ballard
26 August 2022 Make yourself at home Archdeacon David

19 August 2022

The Kingdom Business Rev Munawar Din
12 August 2022 The P48 Test Geoff Hutchinson
5 August 2022 Judged, by a judge, in Waitrose Ronnie Semley
29 July 2022 Vanity, vanity! Rev Rebecca Feeney
22 July 2022 What would you do? Rev Carole Garner
15 July 2022

Mary has chosen the better part, which will not be taken away from her

Rev Canon Dr

Rowena Pailing

8 July 2022

A priority of every Christian

Bishop Julian Henderson
1 July 2022 No Filter! Stephen Whittaker
24 June 2022 The Greatest Love Story ever told! Gloria Birdsall
10 June 2022

Revelling in relationship with God

Revd Nick McKee
3 June 2022 Be more Elijah! Archdeacon Mark
27 May 2022

Inspired by the courage of the Early Church

Lisa Fenton
20 May 2022 Promises, Promises!! Dean Peter Howell-Jones
13 May 2022 Opening the Doors of Love Rev Adam Thomas
29 April 2022 Praying for the Enemy Rev David Hargreaves
22 April 2022 Low Sunday Bishop Jill Duff
15 April 2022 See Jesus Rev Canon Andrew Raynes
1 April 2022 Don't be April Fooled! Sarah Earnshaw
25 March 2022

Beware of the Righteous Self

Mark Ashley
18 March 2022 Wonders, warnings and watchfulness Joy Rushton
11 March 2022 Go and tell that fox ... Rev Calum Crombie
4 March 2022

The same Lord is Lord of all

Rev Karen Herschell
25 February 2022 What happens next? Bishop Philip
18 February 2022 Where is your faith? Rev Canon Peter Ballard
11 February 2022 Being Blessed Archdeacon David
4 February 2022 A Journey Rev Munawar Din
28 January 2022 Surprised by God Rev Carole Garner
21 January 2022 A change of scenery Ronnie Semley
14 January 2022 They have no Wine Rev Rebecca Feeney
7 January 2022 New Year's Resolution Geoff Hutchinson