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Last updated 25th August 2023

Vision Champions Resources

One of the ways in which the momentum of Vision 2026 will continue to be enhanced is through our network of Vision Champions.

More than 80% of our parishes have at least one Vision Champion who is an encouraging 'lay' voice working with their clergy, other church leaders, PCC and congregation to take forward the opportunities for mission and growth presented by Vision 2026.  

Carolyn Barton (Director of Vision Delivery) and Chrissie Oakley (Project Manager) are on hand to support Vision Champions across the Diocese, whether they be in parishes, educational establishments, hospitals or other settings. During the year, there are opportunities for the Vision Champions to meet together to share ideas and inspire/encourage each other.

We have a 'closed' Facebook Group that is being used by Vision Champions to keep in touch and share ideas and events with each other. Please contact Chrissie if you would like to be invited to join the group.

Carolyn Barton



Chrissie Oakley



Vision Champion gatherings

These events are open to all Vision Champions in the Diocese, providing an opportunity to share ideas and experiences whilst learning more about the support available in implementing Vision 2026.

At the Vision Champion gatherings held during the summer of 2022, Bishop Philip and Bishop Jill shared a video message recorded specifically for Vision Champions, this video can be viewed again here

There will be more events for Vision Champions for 2023 and into 2024. 

Vision Champion resources




Last updated, August 2023, Ronnie Semley

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