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Last updated 15th August 2022

Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

Mature disciples are scripturally knowledgeable, spend regular quality time in prayer, are active members of their worshipping community (in small groups as well as the wider congregation) and are actively discipling others. They are equipped to live out their Christian faith wherever their own ‘frontline’ is, whether in their work, leisure, family or local community and give willingly of their time, talents and money to further the kingdom of God being fed on God’s word and sustained by the sacraments.

The 'Making Disciples' Vision 2026 theme has the following priorities:

  • Knowing the Scriptures Better and Equipping Confident Christian Disciples
  • Praying with Greater Depth and Urgency for the Kingdom of God to come
  • Offering Worship in Spirit and Truth through the Ministry of Word and Sacrament
  • Giving Generously of our Time, Talents and Money to the Cause of Christ

Much more detail is available in the Vision Implementation document which can be found here.

The Making Disciples Team are responsible for these priorities. You can read more about the members and their individual roles in the team here.

Vision 2026