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Last updated 29th December 2022

Vision Delivery

The Vision Delivery Team exists to serve our parishes and clergy and is led by Carolyn Barton. National church funding has been received to fund or part-fund the posts below. 

The Pastoral Secretary is the Secretary to the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee. They are responsible for all Pastoral Schemes and Orders, from the drafting of initial proposals to their completion and ensuring that the correct procedures and timescales are followed. They also have responsibility for the closed churches and actively involved in finding alternative use for such buildings.

The Senior Buildings Officer/Diocesan Advisory Committee Secretary provides support to parishes that are looking to undertake maintenance on/improvements to their buildings. They utilise the on-line faculty system for processing List A/List B and full faculty applciations.

The Parish Renewal Lead oversees the parish renewal programme. This is funded by the Church Commissioners to support parishes where there is hard-working and faithful leadership in post but who are dealing with highly complex issues. These parishes have significant potential for growth and as a diocese we want to do all that we can to enable them to flourish.

The Project Manager oversees delivery of the Lighting Up New Generations Strategic Development Funded project based in Blackburn and Blackpool. They are also responsible for working with parishes on annual data returns (Mission/Finance/Energy) that help with deanery and diocesan planning.


  • Pastoral Secretary: 01254 503070
  • Senior Buildings Officer/DAC Secretary:    Jen.Read@Blackburn.Anglican.Org    01254 503070
  • Parish Renewal Programme Lead: Steve.Haskett@Blackburn.Anglican.Org 01254 503070
  • Project Manager and Statistics: Chrissie.Oakley@Blackburn.Anglican.Org 01254 503070

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