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One of our big prayers as we approach the Diocesan Conference from November 7-10 is that the contributions of our speakers might bless as many in our diocese as possible and not just those able to attend the Hayes Conference Centre in person.

To that end, the main ‘Word’ sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and the less formal ‘Word made flesh’ sessions on Monday and Tuesday evenings are all going to be livestreamed. 

All the livestream links are embedded below, in the order they will broadcast and you can also find the same links directly and 'ready to go' on the Diocesan YouTube channel. 

We hope that you will advertise this great way to get involved to your parishioners and arrange gatherings for people to watch together, discuss and pray. 

We will also be livestreaming the Choral Evensong on the Wednesday early evening and the closing Eucharist on the Thursday. 

All the livestreams will then remain as recordings on YouTube after live broadcast to watch at any time. 

This downloadable leaflet/poster will help promote the option to watch livestreams: 


People can of course watch at home, but how great it would be if they could gather and watch it together and then chat about what they’ve heard! Do use your imagination and see what you think might work in your context.

And please email to let us know about specific local events and initiatives you are organising to engage with and watch the livestreams. 

Livestream sessions

Speaker biographies can be found here.  

Monday 7:30pm: Word made flesh: Rachel Gardner ‘Faith’

Tuesday 10:45am Word: Art introduction, then Richard Bauckham ‘Abide’

Tuesday 7:30pm: Word made flesh: Ruth Valerio ‘Grace’

Wednesday 10:45am Word: Art introduction, then Anderson Jeremiah ‘Body’

Wednesday 5pm: Choral Evensong

Thursday 8-8:30am: Eucharist part one (gathering and readings)

Thursday 10:30am: Word: Michael Leyden ‘Feed’; followed by the continuing Eucharist at 11.30am