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Last updated 2nd November 2022

Stewardship: Pray, talk and reach out

This winter stewardship will be key, but some of our best tools will be our faith ... to trust and believe that if the Lord said he would provide then we stand firm on that promise.

So remember to pray, talk and reach out.  


Pray for not only the finances of your church, but for the finances of your area and the nation.

Pray for wisdom for our Chancellor of the Exchequer that the Lord will impart heavenly wisdom when budgets are made and support to the poor is debated.

That they will have compassion and intelligence and that the Lord will give them a servant heart.

Pray that the Lord will reveal to you opportunities to do good within your own community. That you in your own life can be a blessing, no matter how big or small.  


Talk to others, make time and space to hear concerns or to voice concerns of your own with those whose council your trust. Remember talking about money saves lives. Talk to other churches in your area, especially treasures and financial teams. A problem shared is often a problem halves. Perhaps a treasure near you has been in your shoes before.  

Reach out

Blackburn Diocese has a team of people ready and willing to support and help, from Stewardship Resourcing Officers, to Legal Advice, to Youth and Children’s ministry.

Call, email or pay us a visit. If you contact someone who doesn’t know, they will find you someone who does. You can always get in touch, if its an emergency ... or if you just want to pick someone’s brain. 

if you want more help or advice in the first instance please contact:  

  • Stephanie Rankin, Stewardship Resourcing Officer, Lancaster Archdeaconry: 
  • Christy Sawyer, Stewardship Resourcing Officer, Blackburn Archdeaconry:

For more about how Stephanie and Christy can help you click here. 

Also check out the Generosity Learning Hub for more advice on generosity and giving by clicking here. 

And further help and advice is available in this section on the website under 'Resources' from the homepage or via the headings on the right if engaging via a laptop. 





Ronnie Semley, page created on November 1, 2022 and then regularly updated


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