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15th February 2018

#LiveLent this year with texts and email reflections

The national Church of England #LiveLent campaign this year gives participants a chance to engage with daily reflections on SMS and email, as well as participating on social media.

Social media updates will be available via @c_of_e on Twitter and on other social media channels - search using the #LiveLent.

Pictured on this page is an example of a daily reflection on social media.

There is also a booklet that takes you on a six week discipleship journey in 2018 through the Gospel of John, exploring what it means to be a witness.

The booklet is written by John Kiddle (author of the best-selling #GodWithUs) in association with Thy Kingdom Come, the global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus.

(Our Diocese will be participating in Thy Kingdom Come once again in May this year.)

Read a message from the Archbishops about #LiveLent; sign up for SMS and email daily reflections and order the booklet - all here

Read about the support of Bishop Julian, Bishop of Blackburn and Bishop Philip, Bishop of Burnley for the #LiveLent campaign here.