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APPLEY Bridge artist Kelvin Burgoyne has produced a stunning artwork to mark the Easter season, which is set for display in local churches and also Blackburn Cathedral.

The work, called ‘14 Stations’, is a series of watercolour pictures of the Passion story, mounted on a wooden cross.

Kelvin, a member of the congregation at All Saints church in Appley Bridge, was inspired to produce the work after prayerful reflection and discussion with the parish priest, the Rev Sue Timmins. He has made two earlier contributions to the church on a Christian theme.

The artwork is set to be displayed at his own church in Appley Bridge, with an appearance at St George’s Preston on Good Friday during the meditation and afternoon service, and then Blackburn Cathedral over the Easter weekend.

Kelvin has been a professional artist since 1994 and is an elected member of the British Watercolour Society. He has twice won the Roland Hilder award for contribution to the art of watercolouring.

The Archdeacon of Lancaster, The Venerable Michael Everitt, commenting on the work said: Kelvin Burgoyne has painted a powerful and personal set depicting the 14 Stations of the Cross.

“In these deeply spiritual and accessible pictures Kelvin includes us all in his prayerful reflection on the events of Good Friday, in a way that inspires fresh understanding.”

Canon Missioner at Blackburn Cathedral, Rev Canon Dr Rowena Pailing, said: 'We are delighted to be hosting ‘14 Stations’ at Blackburn Cathedral and are sure that it will be a thought-provoking inspiration for prayer for visitors and worshippers at Easter.”

All the pictures in the artwork are watercolours and Kelvin took his inspiration from historical portraits of the Passion of Christ: “There have been many studies by eminent and learned people that suggest Christ looked nothing like the figure generally portrayed, and so I have purposely varied my interpretation of him in the pictures.”


Ronnie Semley