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The latest edition of the Diocesan magazine ‘The See’ is out in parishes shortly … and it asks the question … ‘who has been a member of the same church in Lancashire for longest’?

The question was inspired by a picture of Mrs Edna Emery with Rt Rev Philip North, Bishop of Burnley as parishioners and friends of St Peter’s Church in Darwen celebrated the building’s 190th anniversary as the parish church recently.

Known for the first 150 years of its existence as Holy Trinity Church, the church became St Peter’s four decades ago when two other local churches of a similar 19th century vintage, St John’s and St George’s, were closed and the three parishes were united.

The celebration was attended by clergy and parishioners past and present, including Edna who was born in 1920, was baptised at the church and married there. 

She and her late husband Tommy, as well as their son Michael, have served and supported the church in so many ways over many decades and to this day Edna continues to attend for worship and other events when she can.

This means Edna has been a member of St Peter’s for just over half of the total number of years the building has stood proudly in Darwen!

It was Edna’s longevity at St Peter’s from infancy until today, nearly a century later, that prompted the question … asking if anyone has been at the same church for longer.

Anyone who thinks they have been a member for longer, or knows someone who may have been, should email