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Bishop Philip, Bishop Jill and a couple of other familiar faces lead a special act of worship via YouTube for primary schools highlighting three important lessons we can learn from the life and example of the late Queen.

  • Click the embedded video link above to watch the service. 

The Bishops, along with Lisa Fenton and Carole Garner from the Diocesan Board of Education, emphasise The Queen's service, perseverance and faith following the example of Jesus.

The purpose of the video is to reflect back on the words said at the funeral and to re-emphasise to the children about the Queen’s faith and that she is now in glory with God.

Children will have experienced this unprecedented historic occasion in their lives which would have stirred up many questions, so the Board of Education created this video to equip schools with resources to facilitate discussions and answer the children’s questions.

Other resources to support teachers in working with pupils were also provided by the Board of Education immediately after the death of Her Late Majesty was announced. 




Ronnie Semley, September 2022