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Are you looking to be part of something new, based on something very old? Whalley Abbey is looking for a range of volunteers.  

If you are good with people and happy to engage with physical work (inside or out) then get in touch! 

An exciting new chapter began in the life of the Abbey earlier this year when work began to create a new Centre for Christian Discipleship and Prayer. 

This gives a fresh new purpose for the site, including establishing a new monastic community for the first time in nearly five centuries and includes the appointment of a new Director, Rev Adam Thomas.  

The volunteers opportunities available currently are … 

  • Physical working party: Good with spades and barrows? Paths and roads needing repair with wacker plate and aggregate (both of which the Abbey has). 
  • Abbey Guides and Visitor Volunteers: To staff the Abbey Cabin; take donations from visitors; engage with them and give them the Abbey guide. Every day from 10-1, 1-4 and 4-7. Payment largely by card or phone. 
  • Volunteer cleaners and bed makers: Good at making beds and cleaning? To support the paid staff we are looking for people to clean the Abbey House and make beds on a rota. 
  • Volunteer meeters and greeters: Can you make people feel welcome the moment you meet them? Not too intrusive and sensitive to what people need. We need people to help the staff meet guests coming to stay or have a day in the Abbey House. You would be needed especially from 8-10am. 
  • Gardening volunteers: We are looking for reliable people who can join our small team of garden volunteers and are willing to follow our head gardener’s instructions. 

Email adam.thomas@whalleyabbey.org or call him on 07968 434328 for an informal chat or to arrange to come down and have a talk about the opportunities available.