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Students at a Lancashire college got a first-hand insight into life in the House of Lords during a recent visit by the Bishop of Blackburn. 

The Rt Rev Julian Henderson, who was appointed to the Lords as one of the 26 ‘Lords Spiritual’ in 2020, spoke to a large group of students from courses at Blackburn College during a visit to their University Centre. 

The courses represented included Early Childhood Studies, Social Care and Wellbeing, Computing, Law, Working with Children and Young People, Business, and Teaching and Learning Support.  

The Bishop’s visit was organised by the University Centre’s Law Society and in particular Rohan Quinn, who is President of Blackburn University Centre's Law Society.  

The Bishop told students of his journey to becoming a member of the House of Lords; his role there and shared something of the debates he has heard and participated in.

He also discussed the importance of the House of Lords as an institution, the parliamentary law-making process and how the law protects children and vulnerable people.  

Bishop Julian said: "I've enjoyed being invited to the Law Society meeting and speaking to students about what means to be in the House of Lords, and how this important institution works.  

"The students were very engaged and asked some very interesting questions. It was a very positive way to spend an afternoon and I was very grateful to be invited."  

Rohan Quinn added: "It was an honour and privilege to welcome Bishop Julian as our Law Society's first guest speaker. It was an excellent opportunity for students to hear first-hand about experiences from a sitting member of the House and ask him questions.”  

Dr Fazal Dad, Principal and Chief Executive of Blackburn College, said: "It's an honour for us to welcome the Bishop to speak to our students. His insight into the House of Lords was invaluable to our students who I know gained a lot from the experience."  


Ronnie Semley
5 April 2022