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Last updated 25th August 2023


Welcome. I’m Ronnie Semley, the Diocesan Communications Manager. I have worked in the media and communications industry for more than 30 years.

You can read more about my career on my LinkedIn page where you can also connect with me. 

My role encompasses all the major communications needs of the Diocesan Bishop as well as communications support and advice for the other senior clergy and the senior staff. I am a member of the Vision and Strategy Team.

Elsewhere on the Diocesan website you will find comprehensive advice about all aspects of communications to assist parishes in their work.

These pages are continually growing and being updated. You can find them under the 'Resources' heading on the homepage - then 'Communications Resources'.

Headings include: 'Get Your Church Noticed'; 'Copyright Advice'; Effective Digital Communications'; 'Template Press Releases' and much more ...

My own strategic communications work includes the coordination of ...

  •  proactive media relations (including writing and issuing press releases); also reputation management and crisis communications support
  •  internal communications: including the fortnightly Parish Update. (if you don't already receive the Parish Update, you can sign up here)
  •  online communications, including the news pages of this website and our social media channels including Twitter, YouTube and Flickr
  •  support for large-scale Diocesan-wide events, for example the Diocesan Conference which takes place every three years 
  •  production of other key publications, such as the annual Parish Share booklet.
  •  brand management – for the Diocesan logo and the Vision 2026 branding
  •  communications advice and training for clergy and parishes, including the annual 'Get Your Church Noticed' event; and continual development of online communications resources

I also provide (principally reactive) communications support for other parts of the Diocese including the Diocesan Board of Education and Whalley Abbey (our Diocesan Centre for Christian Discipleship and Prayer) as and when required.

Working together

  • If you have a story of regional or possibly even national interest I will be happy to discuss it with you and, if it is suitable for a wider audience, I will work directly with you on the publicity.
  • As one person, sorry, but it would be impossible for me to do press releases for every parish event! That's why, for everyday publicity, parishes are strongly encouraged to produce their own press releases and to liaise with their local media directly. It is also why loads of advice and help is available to do this is, including in the aforementioned Communications Resources section of this website and via the training course 'Get Your Church Noticed. 
  • In the unlikely event you should have a crisis of any kind in your church which could spark the attention of regional or national media, then I will be on hand to support.
  • I am also available to offer general advice on any aspect of communications – just drop me an email (see below) or give me a call. Also, look me up on Linkedin and connect with me.
  • I am supported by my administration colleague Karen Ashcroft and by Mark Ashley, an experienced retired journalist, who provides volunteer support one day a week writing good news stories about the work of the Diocese.
  • I also employ freelance support for photography and video work as and when required and as limited budget availability allows.


Ronnie Semley, Diocesan Communications Manager

E: or

T: 01254 503416

Karen Ashcroft, Senior Administrator (including support for communications) 

E: or

T: 01254 503070 

Mark Ashley, Diocesan News Reporter (volunteer position, one day a week)


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